Turn off the printer, open the Lid and remove the cassettes from the printer.

Stand the cassette on a flat surface as illustrated in the diagram. Avoid doing so on a floor as dust attached to the re-transfer film may cause printing errors.

Do not touch the inked surface with your hand. Touching it may cause printing errors. Put on the supplied gloves when handling the ink ribbon.

When installing a used ink ribbon, align the yellow side of the unused ribbon with the arrow indicated on the label of the cassette. If the position of the yellow side is not 

properly aligned, the print may turn out light.

When handling the cassette, hold it with both hands. Accidentally dropping the cassette may damage it or result in injuries.

Do not perform work on the printer door. Do not place heavy objects or apply load on the printer. Doing so may damage it.

During replacement, clean the four bobbin holders on the printer. Pods generated by friction between the bobbins and bobbin holders may be adhered to the ink ribbon or  re-transfer film, causing printing errors.

With the inked surface facing outward, align the yellow side of the unused ribbon with the arrow on the cassette, and unwind it along the three shafts.

Insert the ink ribbon firmly into the bobbin holders with the ribbon set to the far end of the guides.

● A: take-up side (black)

● B: unused side (yellow)

Do the same on the re-transfer film.

Insert the cassette all the way in along the guide rail until a “click” sound is heard. Close the printer door.

Close the lid and press reset then the printer will calibrate and you start your printing.