Dust and other tiny debris can degrade your printed image quality and even damage your print-head or other critical parts of your printer.

With routine cleanings, you can expect optimal image quality and a longer life for your Magicard card printer.

There are simple steps to be followed as I will explain below.

The printer must be off for minimum 30 minutes to enable all inside components cool down.

Step 1. Open the Lid of the printer and remove the film and the ribbon.

Remove cards as well from the input hopper.

Step 2:

Close the Lid and turn on the printer. The printer will initialize and with the absence of the film, you will get an error on the screen of the printer.

On the menu option select clean rollers.

Hit enter and an option will pop on the screen requesting you to clean rollers.

Step 3:

The cleaning process will pop up on the screen so you are required to insert the cleaning card facing down with the sticky side at the bottom not up.

The card will enter the printer and come out at the output side.

Repeat this process for at least five minutes to make sure dirty parts inside the printer rollers are removed.

Step 4:

Turn off the printer. Open the Lid   and with    print-head cleaning swabs, carefully clean the printer head to dust off or remove any foreign objects from the device.

Properly do clean the printer head for the best printing results.

Step: 5

Cleaning the sticky rollers.

The best way of cleaning is by use of a wet cloth with liquid soap to properly wipe out all the dirty components.

After cleaning dry the rollers make sure no wet or liquid crystals are left on the rollers then fix back in the printer.

Final step:

Instert  back the ribbons and the film in the printer then power on the  printer.