How to resolve Card Jam (turnover) 91 error on 

MAGICARD Prima 4 printer?

This error usually occurs when the card is jammed at the turnover unit when a double-sided card print job is given.

what to do next?  please follow the below steps:

1) Turn off the printer. It is recommended to turn off the printer and let the rollers cool down otherwise the jammed card movement might damage the rollers.

2) Remove the input hopper. Open the front door and remove the dye film and transfer film. Try to locate the card jam Position.

3) Remove the rotate knobs and place them on the rollers as displayed in the picture below.

4) Rotate the knobs clockwise to move the card towards the output stacker or rotate is anti-clockwise to move it towards the input hopper.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  DO NOT rotate the knobs forcefully. Make sure the knobs are rotating freely.

5) Once the card is removed rotate the knobs to the position as shown in the picture below and place the knobs back to the holders.

6) Load the dye film and transfer film and place the input hopper. Turn the printer ON and the printer will be ready to print the cards.

All the procedures from step 2 can be performed while keeping the printer ON. In such a case, once the card is removed, load the dye film and transfer film and press the RESET and the printer will be ready after the initializing.

If still the issue is not resolved, It is advised to bring the printer to our SERVICE CENTER for further diagnosing and repair service.


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