You need to have an excel work book saved with all the details you wish to appear on the card.

Save the file in a desired location and open card exchange producer.

In the designer window select data and click on the new tab this will open the new database connection.
Click add Database.

Click add Database.

Data connection fields will be active to enable you chose the type of Database you are going to use.

Enter a name for the database connection, select the correct database type, and select the database file by typing the whole pad with extension into the Database text box.

Click Next to proceed. It is important to know that on the moment you click the Next button, the wizard will check the connection with the file or database.
If all is correct, the wizard will enter the second page of the wizard. If a problem appears, and database error will be shown.

Select the check box 'Read data-items from this database', select the corresponding sheet in the 'View name' drop menu, and select the 'Primary Key' from the drop down menu.

The Primary Key is the unique identifier of the record in your database. Click Next to proceed.

In the Main Interface of CardExchange® Producer you find the Data Record View showing all the records available in the database in a so called data grid. In this page of the wizard we connect the columns of the database to the data fields. The first field always needs to be connected.

 All other fields are optional.
If you connect the database column, left from the drop down menu you see the check box selected. If the check box is checked, the column will be shown in the Data Record View. Click Next to proceed with the last and final step of this Database Connection Wizard.

In this page of the wizard you can set the rights to edit the connected database, or in this case, the connected MS Excel file. Click on the check box 'Allow editing of the database records' to enable this functionality.

Separate from this selection you can set that the user is allowed to add new records to the database and update existing records. Deleting is deselected because deleting records in an MS Excel file is not supported.

In the Primary-key properties section you can select to enter the primary keys manually. If you are not using numbers as primary keys, this check box needs to be selected but for each new record, a unique primary key needs to be entered by the user.

We advise to use numbers and leave the check box as is by default, primary keys are generated by the database. Normally real databases support this functionality itself, but because MS Excel is not a database, we have embedded a unique number generator so your primary keys are taken care of by CardExchange® Producer. Now click on Finish.

In card designer the new template will appear without any document or text you need to now link the data from excel to the badges.

Data should be mapped with excel database created earlier.

Drag and drop the data field in the card interface, double click on it the property window will open then select from the drop-down menu with listed database fields to be mapped with.

Repeat this until all the fields are all correct and accurate, add the photo as well and map it with the correct field.

For example I will be using employee id to map with the photos. This will automate photos in the folder every time I click on the different name the photo will change automatically.

On the menu bar click insert and select image, after that set the image as photo.

You need to know the folder location and saved photos must be corresponding with the employee number for example Nancy Davilio photo is saved as 1.jpg.

This will help the communication between the software and the database to link the two together on the same interface.