What should I do if CardExchange activation fails

Activation Errors

Unfortunately errors can appear during the activation of your CardExchange® license. In this section we explain the different type of errors that you can face and the solutions for it.

On the moment that the activation of your license fails, a Activation Error window will appear.

This window informs you about the error and provides useful information for support but also for web activation. In this window the error message is presented. The most common errors that can be reported when activation fails are:

Cannot connect to the license server

When you activate your license via CardExchange®, the application communicates with the license server via TCP over port 443. Because of Firewall restriction and/or policies within a company, it can be that communication via this port and protocol is blocked. It is also possible that there is no connection with the Internet available on your computer. In both cases you need to activate your license online via the CardExchange website. If this is the case, please proceed with the following steps:

Open the CardExchange website and the Assist tab > click on Online License Activation CLICK HERE to open the activation page directly,

● Now copy and paste the requested information from the CardExchange® Activation Error window into the fields of the activation page of the website,

● Enter or Copy or Paste the serial number into the Serial number field, 

● Enter or Copy and Paste the activation code into the Activation code field, 

● Enter or Copy and Paste the Machine ID as presented into the Machine ID field (we advice to use Copy and Paste because sometimes it is hard to see the difference between a D and a 0. If this information is not correct and the license is activated, it will not work). 

● When all information is provide into the web page and you are convinced that the information is entered correct, you click on "Activate" to start the activation process of the license. DO NOT CLOSE THE WEB SITE DURING THE ACTIVATION!!! This can cause that your license will not work anymore... 

● When the license is activated the "Download a file" window from the browser will appear. You will be requested to download and save an activated file, for example, "YourLicense.lic". ● Save this file to a location on your computer

● In the CardExchange® License Activation window you click on "Advanced". The License Activation window will appear like below: 

● Now click on the 3 dots button and browse to the location where you have stored the license file.

● Now click on "OK" to install your activate license. When the license is installed, the registration information window will appear: